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Introduction to the Major

Faculty members talk about what you can learn and what makes this major special.

Mission Statement

Students majoring in Physics will cultivate knowledge and critical thinking, as well as gaining a set of values that enables them to deal with scientific issues as responsible member of society whether they plan to pursue careers, in science or not. Ideas dealing with how matter is formed, structured, and functionalized are understood from a physical perspective. Through various learning opportunities, including practical experiments using the latest equipment and computers, research projects and seminar courses, students will become aware of the importance of physics in their everyday life. This will enable them to confidently contribute their skills and knowledge to society and to other physics specialists.

Learning Goals

Students interested in majoring in Physics are encouraged to take the following courses concurrently with their ELA/JLP courses: Introduction to Physics, Foundation of Physics, Modern Physics A & B, Introduction to Physics Laboratory, and Foundations of Physics Laboratory . These courses are meant to provide a systematic introduction to university level physics to students of differing backgrounds, including those who have not studied physics in high school. In particular, these courses emphasize the development of physical intuition over mathematical sophistication. In addition, we also offer a course entitled 'Hot Topics in Physics', in which we invite well-known researchers to speak on their research. This course aims to introduce students to areas of physics that are currently focused upon in newspapers and the journals. As part of the Physics major, we offer intermediate level courses in classical mechanics, electromagnetism, statistical mechanics, and quantum mechanics. Each year we also offer a number of special topics courses that reflect the interests of our students. For example, if many students express interest in the area of elementary particle physics, we invite an instructor to offer a course in that area. Finally, students build upon and apply their coursework by writing undergraduate theses in an area of interest from experimental or theoretical physics during their senior year at ICU. Our students acquire a solid background in fundamental physics. Their English abilities are among the best of all the Japanese universities. Many of our graduates have gone on to top level graduate schools in Japan, as well as to graduate schools abroad, which demonstrates their attainment of our extremely high learning goals.

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