Asian Studies

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Introduction to the Major

Faculty members talk about what you can learn and what makes this major special.

Mission Statement

To study and clarify what it means to live together in an extremely diverse Asian community facing many points of conflict and yet sharing common concerns and issues in our continuing efforts to understand each other better.

Learning Goals

  1. To enhance the student's capability to understand diversity in Asia from interdisciplinary perspectives, such as philosophy, politics, economics, society, culture, language, international relations, science and technology, and ecology.
  2. To fully understand the impact of major events and issues in Asia, particularly the second World War, that continue to serve as defining moments in shaping our continuing efforts to build a more peaceful and collaborative regional environment.
  3. To develop local language skills in Asia for effective communication and understanding.

Course Types

  • In the General Education courses, students are expected to expand their horizons of thought before starting the interdisciplinary major program. Those courses include "Invitation to Asian Studies".
  • The Foundation courses provide students with basic knowledge and research skills needed for the Asian Studies major. Students are also encouraged to study Asian languages, such as Chinese and Korean.
  • In Area Major Courses, students advance their understanding of Asia, by focusing on some issues such as philosophy, history, politics, economics, international relations, education, culture, society, and languages. Students are also encouraged to participate in the study abroad programs in Asian universities and service-learning experiences in the Asian region.
  • The Senior Thesis is a research project on a selected topic in Asian Studies under the guidance of the student's advisor, utilizing an integrative, multidisciplinary approach.
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