Peace Studies

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Introduction to the Major

Faculty members talk about what you can learn and what makes this major special.

Mission Statement

Peace Studies aims to nurture the next generation of peacemakers who can respect the law and devote themselves to peace and the democratic progress of a global community based on the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Learning Goals

  1. Students study the influence of societal structures, political and economic conditions, educational practices, and the historical roots of war, conflict, poverty and human rights suppression in order to seek the means for a peaceful resolution to these interrelated issues.
  2. Students examine peace issues utilizing an interdisciplinary approach,covering areas such as philosophy, religion, law, politics, economics, social sciences, anthropology, education, psychology and international relations, in order to acquire theory and practice in peace-related contexts.
  3. Students learn skills to integrate their theoretical understanding with practical experiences in the field.

Specific Courses

    1. In General Education courses, students deepen their understanding of how the study topic connects with the real- world experience, before they begin their studies with this major.
    2. In Foundation courses, students acquire basic knowledge relating to peace studies. Courses such as "Peace Studies" and "International Politics" are offered.
    3. In Area Major courses, students deepen their understanding of various fields relating to peace studies including law, public policy, politics, international relations, philosophy, religion, media, communication, culture, education, psychology, sociology and anthropology. Students are also encouraged to actively participate in study- abroad programs, domestic and international study tours, and/or service learning experiences.
    4. For the senior thesis, studentsare expected to examine peace issues using an interdisciplinary approach under the supervision of an academic advisor.
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