Trimesters and GPA

Trimesters and GPA

How ICU makes the most of the trimester system through intensive term-long courses

Students build their own curricula around their interests

The academic year at ICU is divided into three trimesters, with each course lasting one trimester term. At universities that separate the academic year into two semesters, students only have eight opportunities to select courses over their four-year academic careers. Thanks to the trimester system, however, ICU students get 12 chances to choose courses. This allows for a dynamic learning experience, one where students can design their own curricula as their interests change and develop.

Academic terms at ICU and other universities

Compacting each course for more intensive study

Classes for most ICU courses are held several times a week, which lets student learn under a more intensive approach than the traditional weekly class framework allows for.

A week at ICU

The GPA system: An objective way for students to look at their academic performance

"GPA" (Grade Point Average) corresponds to the average grade a student has earned to date per course credit. As a standard for measuring academic performance, a student's GPA can have an impact on everything from his or her eligibility for financial aid to study abroad screening procedures. By expressing grades in number form, GPA gives students an objective way to look at their academic performance levels and provides faculty members with a valuable resource for advising students more effectively on what courses to take.

Calculating GPA

A: Superior (4 pt.) B: Excellent (3 pt.) C: Good (2 pt.)  D: Passing (1 pt.) E: Failing (0 pt.)