Bilingual Campus

Bilingual Campus

Every Department Staffs Employees Who Can Offer Support in Both Japanese and English

Every campus department at ICU staffs employees who have a strong command of English or study abroad experience, ensuring that the university can provide bilingual support to international students wherever needed.

When hiring new staff members, ICU requires applicants to have TOEIC scores of at least 750 or comparable scores on other English proficiency tests. Furthermore, interested staff members can take part in language-training programs at outside institutions. So that staff can go beyond national and cultural backgrounds in communicating with students and faculty, ICU puts considerable effort into training staff who can deal appropriately with discussions and negotiations with overseas universities.

Campus Bulletin Boards in Japanese and English

Items on campus bulletin boards are posted in Japanese and English so that all students, regardless of language background, can get details on important administrative procedures, facility usage, campus events, and other information they can use to live more comfortable student lives.