Doctoral Course (Ph.D.)

Doctoral Course (Ph.D.)

In the Doctoral course, students will be trained to conduct research independently as well as acquiring the capacity to assume highly professional positions.

Students can obtain the degree of Doctor of Philosophy


Requirements for Degrees

Research advisors will instruct doctoral candidates through the Doctor Thesis course (three courses, 6 units). At the end of each academic year, students must submit an annual study report. In order to acquire doctoral candidacy status, students must pass the Doctoral Candidacy Examination. Those qualifying for this status receive research guidance for at least three terms before they submit their dissertation and take the final examination. The degree is decided by an Evaluation Committee. The standard residence in this program is three years.

■Procedure of Conferring Doctoral Degree

Year Term Procedure
1st year 1st term Matriculation ceremony, Orientation (Academic guidance)
Submission of [Initial Study Plan]
2nd term Submission of [Pre-application for Doctoral Candidacy Examination]
3rd term Submission of [Annual Study Report] (Every academic year)
After 2nd year,
1st term
Application for [Doctoral Candidacy Examination]
Exams of 4 areas up to 3 times→Approval of Doctoral Candidacy
Submission of [Study Plan for a Doctoral Dissertation]
Submission of [A Draft of a Doctoral Dissertation(complete in terms of content)]
Submission of a [Doctoral Dissertation & Summary]
Within 5 years after approval of the doctoral candidacy
Final examination→Approval of final examination results
Conferral of Ph.D. at the Commencement

List of past doctoral dissertations can be viewed online.

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