Dean's Message

Dean's Message

"A close-knit academic environment, a springboard to global society"


Dean, Graduate School

We aspire to cultivate students who will contribute to the realization of peace with intelligence, calmness and the ability to take action.
The ICU Graduate School is a small institution offering interdisciplinary instruction based on liberal arts education in fields such as Politics, Economics and Peace Studies. Since its establishment in 1953, ICU has cultivated highly-competent graduates, granting more than 2,400 Master's degrees and 220 PhDs.
Instruction is tailored to meet the needs of each student through small classes. Academic advisors instruct average of two students per year, treating each like a family member. The interdisciplinary program enables students to choose a topic of interest and carry out their research in various ways.
The high proportion of faculty and students from the international community is a feature of the ICU Graduate School. We have Japanese, European, American, Asian, and African students, who come from different cultural and social backgrounds. Through dialogue in this environment, students form a relative view of their specialized field and the world itself.
Alumni are active around the world in a wide range of fields. The ICU Graduate School is a springboard to the world.
At the entrance ceremony, all new students sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a pledge to respect the dignity and rights of man. The Declaration has been part of ICU's philosophy since its foundation. The world is built on differing values: human resources must be capable of sustaining the planet in a multicultural society. Global corporations and public organizations will need people trained in a broad spectrum of subjects with a wide perspective.
We believe that ICU's specialized education, based on its educational philosophy, will contribute to inclusive peace and sustainability-building in international society.