Career Support

Career Support

ICU itself is a career center

ICU believes that all self-motivated learning and experiences as a student help shape careers. In addition to all ICU constituents including faculty and staff, students who are about to graduate with set paths after graduation as well as alumni who have registered as Career Supporters support students' career path orientations and possibilities.


Career Supporters
ICU is recruiting alumni who can support the career paths of current students through participation in various events, seminars, and visits from current students. For details, please click here.

ICU approaches career support from two angles: "Career Development Support," directed at all students, and "Job Seekers' Support," directed at students seeking employment.

  • Career Development Support
  • Job Seekers' Support
  • Support Events

Distinct Support Activities of Small-group Education

ICU offers career development support that takes full advantage of the small number of students on campus.

The three objectives of career development support

  1. To give students an accurate picture of what working life means and how society functions;
  2. To help students understand their industries of choice based on accurate information, not on preconceptions or stereotypical images;
  3. To give students a clear idea of how they can use their university studies in the real world, motivating them to reaffirm and apply their respective educational experiences and student lives.

Features of career development support

  1. Diverse consultation channels to meet student needs
    ICU considers the entire campus to be a career support center where each member of the community - from faculty and students having secured contracts, to alumni - offers various support for the individual needs of the students.

  2. Career development support session - Career Design Week
    During autumn break (late November), ICU holds an event called Career Design Week that offers a series of sessions such as seminars on industries and jobs as well as role-play on actual business activities. The aim of the event is "exposure to other people's opinions and to really think about what it means to work and to be a responsible member of society." There are also sessions for students who are considering further schooling. These sessions are open not only to senior students but to first and second year students as well.

  3. Alumni lectures
    The Dean of the College of Liberal Arts invites ICU alumni several times a year to give lectures to students. Graduates working in various fields come and talk to the students in a relaxed setting about how the educational experience and student life at ICU had led them to their own career paths.

  4. Dialogue-oriented classroom environment
    Many classes at ICU embrace interactive discussion and dialogue, rather than one-way lectures. Students learn to express their thoughts and encounter new values and philosophy through dialogue with the faculty and classmates. The process imvolving the inculcation of multiple perspectives enables students to establish and build upon their own ideas. The Service Learning program is another unique feature of learning at ICU. It allows students to apply what they have learned on campus in actual social settings. Through such diverse experience, students acquire the ability to take initiative in carving out their own future.
  • Career Development Support
  • Job Seekers' Support
  • Support Events