Graduate School Index

Graduate School Index

This page features links to pages on the ICU Graduate School, including the latest Graduate School news, an overview of the Graduate School, enrollment information, and the curriculum.


Access the latest information on the Graduate School.

Graduate School Overview

Head here for the Graduate School philosophy, an overview of the Graduate School's characteristic features, and a message from the Dean of the Graduate School.


View three policies of the Graduate School.

Master's Course (MA)

Doctoral Course (Ph.D.)

Educational Exchange Agreements and Credit Transfer Arrangements with Other Graduate Schools

Find the educational exchange agreements and credit transfer arrangements ICU offer.


Special Program for International Students

Find special program for international students in cooperation with external organization and government.


Here, find a list of the faculty at the Graduate School.

Student Voice

Find what the students of ICU graduate school say about the school.


Here, find information on admissions policies, an overview of the Graduate School, and application guidelines.

Open Campus and Information Session

Find the list of events ICU graduate school offer for prospective students.

Financial Aid

This page profiles the various financial aid programs available to ICU students.


Get answers to frequently asked questions about ICU Graduate School in general.