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Introduction to the Major

Faculty members talk about what you can learn and what makes this major special.

Mission Statement

Students majoring in Business will learn about mechanisms involved in corporate management in the market economy. Current corporate activities cover a wide field, including management decision-making, fund procurement, accounting/personnel administration, and environmental management. In addition, many corporations cross borders, defining themselves as multinational businesses. The goal of the major is to make comprehensive assessments about the realities of such corporate activities.

Learning Goals

The goals of the Business major are to practice theoretical research that meets both national and international academic standards, as there are close international interactions, and also to emphasize empirical research in order to train human resources that can deal with specific problems that arise from the current economic situation and business management practices.

In particular, they will be conducting research utilizing theories from the fields of business, and accounting and finance. As the economic environment rapidly changes due to the internationalization of capitalism, corporate activities responding to the intensification of mergers and acquisitions are becoming increasingly necessary. Likewise, due to a heightening awareness of corporate social responsibility, business management goals and social expectations for business corporations are rapidly changing. The significance of accounting in order to elucidate business conditions and to present the figures clearly to management and stakeholders, has become an increasingly important task as well. Students will learn analytical methods to work with contemporary issues in areas such as corporate management and accounting.

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