Information on Transfer of Credits (for Transfer Student)

Although transfer credits will not be determined until you enroll at ICU, we would like to provide information about credit transfer to give you some idea which of the courses may or may not be granted credits at ICU.

1. Courses Eligible for Transfer of Credits

Students who have completed courses at other universities before entering ICU may transfer those credits, if the courses are considered equivalent to courses offered at ICU, are approved as being applicable towards graduation requirements, and the grades received were C (70 points) or higher.

*Practical training courses,with the exception of physical educaction exercise courses,will not be recognized for transfer credit.

2. Maximum Number of Credits that can be transferred

Students who spent more than 1 year at other universities may transfer up to 60 credits. Up to 12 credits of General Education Courses, 1 credit of Health and Physical Education Lecture Courses, 1 credit of Physical Education Exercise Courses, 9 credits of Foundation Courses, and 41 credits of Elective Courses may be transferred. When declaring your major, it may be possible to transfer Foundation and Elective Courses as major courses.

3. Conversion of Credits to ICU Course Equivalents

  • Japanese universities accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) : same unit values
  • Universities using a semester system : same unit values
  • Universities using a quarter system : 3/4 values
  • ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) : 1/2 value
  • Others : Credits will be converted, based on number of credits required for graduation, number of class hours, etc.

4. Number of Years Required for Graduation

The minimum number of years transfer students must complete at ICU is 3 years and the maximum period of enrollment for such students is 6 years. Please note that the calculation may differ if you attend more than one universities and it may take you longer to complete the program than the above-mentioned minimum number of years depending on the number of transferred credit units.

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