Job Seekers' Support

Job Seekers' Support

ICU offers a wide range of support throughout the year to enable each student to pursue career path selections and placement activities in a productive manner and to excel in their fields of choices.

Features of Placement Support

  1. Individualized consultations for registered job seekers
    Taking advantage of the small number of students on campus, ICU provides individualized consultations for registered job seekers and offers varied support tailored to the personality and needs of each student.

  2. Diverse placement support events
    At ICU a session called Convocation Hour is scheduled every Tuesday afternoon for various campus events, in which placement support activities are held on a regular basis. The ICU PLACEMENT WEEK comprises a one-week joint placement guidance during the spring break aimed at supporting the students' job-seeking activities.

  3. Future employment meeting organized by students who have secured job contracts
    Every year, a group of students called Career Advisors, who have already acquired informal contracts, organizes an event called 100 Job-hunt/Graduate Study Consultation Meeting to answer questions from those behind them. In an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, advisors offer support to the juniors based on the perspectives and experience they share as ICU students.

  4. Informative job-hunt consultation support from the alumni
    A group of alumni called Career Supporters is on standby to help students who wish to talk with ICU graduates. The ICU Alumni Association also hosts job-seeking consultation sessions several times a year in which graduates offer information on industries, companies and job descriptions and hold mock interviews.

  5. Global placement support
    The Japan ICU Foundation (JICUF) based in New York, USA, offers the Global Link internship program in New York City for ICU students. Eighteen overseas branches of the ICU Alumni Association also provide support to students on various occasions.