Features of Dormitories

Features of Dormitories

ICU's dormitories have five features that enhance the students' campus life. We hope you benefit from these features through your dormitory life.


1.Acquire abilities that are required around the world

A dormitory is where Japanese and foreign students of different backgrounds, personalities, mindsets, language, culture and religion live together. At times there may be disagreements, but the experience of debating late into the nights, accepting each others' differences, and cooperating and resolving issues will enable students out of high school to mature significantly. By the time they graduate and leave the dormitories, they will be equipped with a good understanding on diversity, communication skills, high spirit of cooperation, excellent problem-solving capabilities and other sophisticated abilities that will prove useful in the global society.

2.Friends for life

The four years of communal living, with students having various values from within Japan and overseas, are filled with encounters with friends you have never met before. Senior students, from whom you will learn a lot regarding campus as well as private life, and friends, with whom you will sit up late to complete projects and study for exams, discuss your worries and share the joys and sorrows, will become your second family and you will have lifelong interaction and relationship with them even after graduation.

3.The dorms operated by students

Each dorm or floor of the dormitories has up to 30 to 40 residents. This is the number of students which both boarding students and university staff members believe to be the optimal, based on their experience so far, for the students to voluntarily operate a dormitory. All of first to fourth year students live together and hold a dormitory meeting once a month as a rule. At the dormitory meeting, the students decide the respective roles such as the cleaning required for communal life, which is called "duties," and discuss events in the dorm and their operation, enabling an autonomous and cooperative community run voluntarily by the students.

The rules of the dormitories are not decided one-sidedly by the university but the resident students have sufficient discussions based on which talks are held with the university and decisions are made. This is a feature unique to ICU, which values dialogue.


4.Just 3 minute walk to class rooms and library

All dormitories are located on the campus. A university with one out of four students living on campus is rare not only for those located in central Tokyo but also for those in Tokyo suburbs. When considering a fulfilling university life to learn together with friends and teachers, it is ideal to live in a dormitory, which enables you to utilize the university facilities such as class rooms and libraries to the full extent.

5.Highly satisfying dormitory life

Most of the students who once lived in the dorms stay in the dorms till their graduation without leaving midway. The students who enrolled in exchange study programs overseas may come back to the same dormitory once the overseas program is completed.

Each dormitory holds alumni reunions on a regular basis with a number of former residents, which is a proof that they had had a fulfilling time living in the dormitories.