Student Voice

Student Voice

Find out what students at ICU graduate school have to say about their experiences.

Mr. AKIYAMA, Hajime
Master's Course/Public Policy and Social Research Program/Peace Studies

I am researching on a shift of the ideas on the right to a nationality in international law. Ideas which regard nationality as a human right are observable in many international instruments, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and I am interested in their shift. I employ not only disciplines of international law and human rights but also politics, and this method enables me to think about the shift of the state system. International law is my discipline, but I also want to employ a broad Peace Studies perspective in my research. I am sure that this attitude will make my research to be meaningful for many academic disciplines.

Mr. JOHN, Joshua Dumenkosi
Master's Course/Natural Sciences Program / Material Science

I am studying Material Science with emphasis on photoconductive and photovoltaic applications. This program involves extensive research, experimental work and critical analysis of results. I am researching on the applications of Amorphous Selenium as a material for photovoltaic and photoconductive devices. Recent advances have shown that Amorphous Selenium can be doped with impurity materials through a simple process of electrolysis. This has the effect of significantly improving the performance of the material in photovoltaic and photoconductive applications. My aim is to optimize the electrolysis driven doping process. If successful, the results will open doors to advanced uses of Amorphous Selenium in photovoltaic and photoconductive applications. Being able to study at the ICU Graduate School is a huge privilege. For me, it is a great opportunity to study in an international environment where I get to meet people from all over the world and share together in an exciting learning experience. The Graduate School is staffed by a team of highly qualified and experienced, yet approachable and friendly world class professors, teaching staff and administrators. This team is always available to provide guidance and support when I need it, making my studies enriching and enjoyable.

Doctoral Course/Arts and Sciences Program/Education Technology

ICU an elite and the finest university with the presence of highly experienced and renowned Professors with the optimum level of expertise is an educational landmark of Japan for Japanese and non-Japanese students of the world.

After graduating Master in Education from ICU, I am currently doing a Ph.D. in Educational Technology. My current research interest is "effective integration of ICT in education and teacher training" where I am also focusing on the cost-effectiveness strategy for the effective implementation of ICT in developing countries (in educational contexts). After enrolling at ICU, I have received several scholarships including, the one presently offered by Mitsubishi Corporation Japan. Beside this, I have been appointed as a graduate teaching assistant, research assistant for Global research network for liberal arts education project. Presently, I am also associated with the American Journal of Education Research as a reviewer and member of the Journal of the Japanese Association for South Asia Studies.

Ms. UJHAZY, Zsofia
Doctoral Course/Arts and Sciences Program/Japanese Culture Studies

After two years as a research student and another two years in the Master's Course, it is my fifth year at ICU now, having been enrolled in Doctoral Course, Arts and Science Program.

I've been studying the textile art of the Edo period in Japan since my undergraduate years in my home country, Hungary. Beginning with the study of dyeing and weaving methods and the symbolism of textile motifs, my research has moved on to the study urban women's fashion in the 18th century at the Kamigata (Kyoto and Osaka) region. The visual culture and publishing media had played an important role in the marketing of new trends and novel attires, which has led me to the analysis of ukiyo-e and illustrated books of the time. My present research is focusing on the illustrated works of Nishikawa Sukenobu (1671-1750). Leading painter, illustrator and ukiyo-e artist who were active in Kyoto. His minute and detailed depictions of women and their attire provide us with rich data for reconstructing the urban textile art and fashion culture in the 18th century Japan. I hope that my research adds new perspectives to the fields of fashion, textile art and ukiyo-e studies at an international level.