Application Procedure

Application Procedure

Admissions Handbook

Handbook for Applicants applying for AY2018 ICU Graduate School Admissions. You can download the handbook in PDF from the following links:

Designated Sheets

Additional application documents for non-Japanese applying for April Admission Spring Selection


Online Application System

Please proceed to the "Online Application System" after reading carefully the latest Admissions Handbook.
Please see the below FAQ for further information.

Note: application are available only during the designated application period.

FAQ for Online Application System

Q1. What kind of the system requirements etc. should I check / prepare in advance before applying?

A1. Please see below and prepare well in advance.

Check Your Computer

Application will be sent online through the internet. There maybe incompatibility issues when using the following devices: Smartphones, Tablets, cell phones.
Please use a computer that meets the following requirements.

Browser specifications

*Use the latest version of your preferred browser

Windows Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge

Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox

Browser settings JavaScript must be enabled. Cookies must be enabled.
Other requirements

In order to ensure maximum compatibility for viewing PDFs, please use Adobe Reader version 11.0 or above.

Prepare Credit Card

Online Application System accepts credit card only for payment of application fee.
VISA, Master, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS CLUB INTERNATIONAL, China UnionPay, and PayPal are acceptable, so make sure you have the one you can use. Credit card holder's name does not need to match the applicant's name.


Q2. I can't upload my portrait photo to the Online Application System. / Does it have to be in color?

A2. Please check if your image file meets the following condition.
The aspect ratio of portrait should be 4:3 (Vertical:Horizontal). If not, click "Edit Photo" and edit the size.

Specification of portrait

Q3. How long does it take for registration on Online Application System?

A3. Registration takes time as applicants are required to input various information. It should take 3-4 hours to complete, so please make sure you have plenty of time when you start.
Registered information can be saved by clicking "Save" in the bottom of each page, so that you are able to restart again from where you quit anytime during Online Application System Input Period. Please note Online Application System closes at 17:00 (JST) on the last day of each Online Application System Input Period, so make sure to pay for fees by the deadline.

Q4. What are the steps to follow / what information do I need to input through Online Application System?

A4. Below is the procedures / information that applicant will be required to follow. (Note: some items are required and some are optional depending on the course you are applying.)

To Start

  1. Access Online Application System during "Online Application System Input Period," and proceed with user registration with applicant's ID (Email Address) and password, then sign in.
    When signing in, select Admissions Type (either of April Admission Autumn Selection / April Admission Spring Selection / September Admission).
  2. After signing in, select the course and status you are applying for.
  3. In "Application 出願手続き" menu, click "Apply Now" to start.

Registered information can be saved by clicking "Save" in the bottom of each page and you are able to restart again from where you quit anytime during Online Application System Input Period. You can also go back to the previous pages by clicking "Back".
Please note the information cannot be changed after STEP 3 Application Fee Payment.

STEP 1 Basic Information Input

  1. Confirm the course and status / Select the program you are applying for
  2. (Master's program only) Select the area of concentration
  3. Input Name, Date of Birth, Address, Nationality etc.
  4. Input Educational Background
    • Elementary, junior high, high school information (school name, location (country), attended period, language of instruction)
    • University information (university name, location (country), attended period, language of instruction, department/major, degree acquired, thesis advisor, thesis title)
    • Graduate School information (graduate school name, location (country), attended period, language of instruction, school/course/program, degree acquired, master's thesis advisor, master's thesis title)
    • Name of recommender (in case of submitting the letter of recommendation)
  5. Work experience (name of organization, type of work, term, location (country)
  6. Language competence (native language and other language proficiency)
  7. IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC official score, test date, date ordered for score delivery
  8. Acquired licenses and certificates (title, name of authority, date awarded)
  9. Scholarship preference
  10. Reason for applying (up to 600 characters)
  11. Vocational hopes for the future (up to 600 characters)
  12. Questionnaire (7 questions)

STEP 2 Documents Upload and Check

  1. Upload portrait photo
  2. Upload the Application Documents for Online Submission (research plan and summary)
  3. Check the Application Documents for Submission by Postal Mail
  4. Confirm Application Information

STEP 3 Application Fee Payment

  1. Pay the application fee (only Credit Card, Chine UnionPay, Paypal are acceptable)

Registration on Online Application System is completed here. Follow STEP 4.

STEP 4 Submit Application Documents by Postal Mail

  1. Download and print Address Label
  2. Send the application documents by registered express mail

Application process is completed.

Q5.Can I send my "Application Documents for Submission by Postal Mail" including transcripts before completing my registration on Online Application System?

A5. Yes, you can send your "Application Documents for Submission by Postal Mail" before completing registration on Online Application System. Applicants may want to submit application documents by postal mail prior to Online Application System registration since it may take long to deliver postal mail from their country of residence to ICU.
In such case, applicants do not need to use the "Address Label" printed from the Online Application System. Please check the Admission Handbook thoroughly to enclose all necessary application documents and send them by registered express mail to the following address.


Graduate School Group, International Christian University
3-10-2, Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-8585, Japan