Future Careers

Future Careers

Taking advantage of the small number of students on campus, ICU provides placement guidance and offers individualized consultations to all registered job seekers to help students secure positions best suited to their aptitudes and interests. From offering the information and materials students need to find work and dedicated computer terminals designed to allow students to search for ICU graduates working at various companies, ICU's placement guidance covers all the possible bases. The university also organizes a wide variety of events on the job-finding process, including career seminars geared toward making participants more aware of what working means, industry study groups, company information sessions, seminars on civil service and job-seeking etiquette, and presentations where job seekers share their experiences.

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Employment/Destinations of AY2015 ICU Graduate School graduates

Company Accenture
Dress Table
C Connect
Mitsubishi Corporation
NTT Communications
Non-Profit Organization Japan Water Agency
Human Rights Now
Education Kokugakuin Univ.
Sagami Women's Univ.
Duta Wacana Christian Univ.
Kanagawa Pref. Public School
Ferris Women's Univ.
Yokohama City Public School
Univ. of Electro-Communications
Public Service Administrative Service/ Sri Lanka
Bangsamoro Development Agency(BDA)/ Philippines
Ministry of Social Welfare/ Sri Lanka
Ministry of Public Administration/ Sri Lanka
Statistics Authority/ Philippines
Ministry of Education/ Myanmar
Banking Academy of Vietnam
Ministry of Finance/ Vietnam
Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development/ Myanmar
The People's Bank of China
The State Ethnic Affairs Commission of the People's Republic of China
Ministry of Education and Sports/ Laos
Seeking higher degree ICU Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Doctoral Course
Harvard University, Harvard Divinity School, MA in Theology
Waseda Univ. Fundamental Science and Engineering Departments, Doctral Course
Waseda Japanese Language and Culture School

Voice of Graduate

Ms. KISHI, Ikumi

I studied at ICU for six years in the CLA and Graduate School, and currently work for a private company. As an undergraduate, I majored in education and minored in sociology. I wrote my senior thesis on the image of fathers in TV anime programs. Majoring in education for my master's, I furthered research into this topic. For my thesis, I looked at how fathers were depicted in TV anime and how that affected children. I currently work for a company that imports and sells products for childrearing and pets.
I was always interested in the image of fathers and their involvement in child rearing, not just from an academic perspective, but in ordinary life. I asked myself questions like: Where does the general image of fathers come from? What defines a good father? I was able to translate these questions into academic interests because of the liberal arts environment at ICU. We have the opportunity to delve into subjects other than our major by taking different courses and having intense discussions with any professor on campus. This environment enabled me to include perspectives from psychology and sociology in approaching the topic of my master's thesis.
Incorporating various disciplines in my studies also helped me shape my plans for the future after graduation. In observing how fathers were perceived in ordinary life, I became interested in finding ways to support them share childrearing tasks. This led to a job at a company looking for would-be employees seeking to introduce more fun for fathers raising their children. The liberal arts education helped me reach my goal.