Awards of Honorary Degree

Awards of Honorary Degree

Awards of Honorary Degree

NamePositionDate of Award
Joseph C. Grew (deceased) Former Chair of the National Committee to raise the initial fund for establishing ICU, former United States Ambassador to Japan March 21, 1964
John C. Smith Former (deceased) Former Vice President and Chair of the Executive Committee of the JICUF March 21, 1964
Hisato Ichimada (deceased) Honorary Councillor, former Governor of the Bank of Japan March 21, 1964
Kenneth S. Latourette (deceased) Former President of the JICUF March 20, 1965
Georgiana F. Sibley (deceased) Former Vice President and Chair of the Womenユs Planning Committee of the JICUF March 20, 1965
Kiyoshi Togasaki (deceased) Former Chair of the ICU Board of Trustees March 20, 1965
Daishiro Hidaka (deceased) Professor Emeritus and former VPSA of ICU, former Vice Minister of Education March 20, 1965
Emil H. Brunner (deceased) Professor Emeritus of ICU March 26, 1966
William P. Tolley (deceased) Former Vice President of the JICUF, Chancellor of Syracuse University March 26, 1966
Maurice E. Troyer (deceased) Professor Emeritus and former Vice President for Education of ICU March 26, 1966
Elizabeth G. Vining (deceased) Former Trustee and Chair of the Women's Planning Committee of the JICUF, former tutor of the Crown Prince of Japan March 26, 1966
Andrew W. Cordier (deceased) Former President of the JICUF, former President of Columbia University January 22, 1972
Daisuke Takei (deceased) Former Executive Trustee and Chair of the Finance Committee of ICU, former President of Showa Sangyo Inc. March 2 l , 1972
Tane T. Matsumura Former Director of ICU Library March 2 l , 1972
John A. MacLean (deceased) Former Minister of the Ginter Park Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Va, whose "Love Thy Neighbor" Sermon soon after World War II sparked the American support for the "New Japan Christian University project" from which ICU eventually developed June 30, 1973
Masamichi Royama (deceased) Former Professor of ICU, former President of Ochanomizu University June 30, 1973
Taizo Ishizaka (deceased) Former Councillor of ICU, former President of the Federation of Economic Organizations, former President of Toshiba Inc. June 30, 1974
Tae Sun Park (deceased) Former President of Yonsei University November 2, 1974
Edwin O. Reischauer (deceased) Professor of Harvard University, former United States Ambassador to Japan November 2, 1974
Takeshi Saito (deceased) Former ICU Professor, Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University, former President of Tokyo Woman's Christian University June 30, 1975
Nobushige Ukai (deceased) Professor Emeritus and former President of ICU March 19, 1977
Masao Hisatake (deceased) Professor Emeritus and former President of ICU March 19, 1977
Yosito Sinoto (deceased) Honorary Trustee, Professor Emeritus and Former President of ICU March 19, 1977
Paul R. Gregory Former President of the JICUF October 25, 1979
David H.C. Read (deceased) Former President of the JICUF October 25, 1979
Hideyasu Nakagawa (deceased) Professor Emeritus, former President of ICU, former Vice President of Science Council of Japan, Former President of Otsuma Women's University March 19, 1984
Hachiro Yuasa (deceased) Honorary President of ICU, former Chair of the ICU Board of Trustees June 25, 1984
Ryuichiro Enomoto (deceased) Former Chair of the ICU Board of Trustees, former President of Japan Gas Chemical Co. (Ltd.) June 15, 1988
Akira Harashima (deceased) Former Chair of the ICU Board of Councillors, former Professor of ICU, former President of Tokyo Woman's Christian University June 15, 1988
Kiyoko Cho Professor Emeritus of ICU June 15, 1988
Michael J. Mansfield (deceased) Former United States Ambassador to Japan June 16, 1988
Haruo Tsuru (deceased) Professor Emeritus of ICU March 24, 1989
Donald C. Worth (deceased) Professor Emeritus of ICU March 24, 1989
Paul T. Lauby Former President of the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia March 24, 1989
David P. Gardner Former President of the University of California March 23, 1990
J. Edward Kidder, Jr. Professor Emeritus of ICU March 23, 1993
Thomas S. Foley Former United States Ambassador to Japan October 23, 2000
Howard H. Baker, Jr. Former United States Ambassador to Japan February 3, 2005

Ting Kuang - Hsum


Principal of Nanjng Union Theological Seminary December 14, 2007
Shoichi Saba (deceased) Former Chair, Board of Trustees March 25, 2009
Baldwin Shipo Ngubane Former South Africa Ambassador to Japan June 30, 2011
Yasuyuki Owada Former Chair, Board of Trustees of the Japan ICU Foundation May 22, 2015


Hachiro Yuasa (deceased) President, 1952-1962 (d. August 15, 1981) Kansas State Agricultural, B.S.; Illinois, M.A., Ph.D.; Rutgers, L.H.D.; Tokyo, D.Sc., ICU, L.H.D.


Emil Brunner (deceased) Professor of Christianity, 1953-1955 (d. April 6, 1966) Zurich, Th.D.; Munster, D.D.; Edinburgh, D.D.; Utrecht,D.D.; Oxford, D.D.; Oslo, D.D.; Princeton, D.D.; St. Andrews, D.D.; Bern, LL.D., ICU, L.H.D.
Robert H. Gerhard (deceased) Professor of Phonetics, 1952-1963 (d. April 15, 1963) Franklin and Marshall, B.A.; Ohio, M.A., Ph.D.
Arthur McKenzie (deceased) Professor of English, 1952-1959 (d. June 6, 1965) Toronto, B.A., M.A.
Maurice E. Troyer (deceased) Professor of Educational Psychology, 1953-1966; Vice President for Education, 1953-1962 Bluffton, B.A., M.A., L.H.D.; Ohio State, Ph.D.; ICU, L.H.D.
Iwao Ayusawa (deceased) Professor of Labor Problems, 1952-1965 (d. October 30, 1972) Harvard, B.A.; Columbia, M.A., Ph.D.
Tateo Kanda (deceased) Professor of Classics, 1952-1967 (d. July 19, 1986) Kyoto, B.Litt.; Tokyo, D.Litt.
Yosito Sinoto (deceased) Professor of Botany, 1953-1966; ICU President, 1971-1975 (d. September 16, 1989) Tokyo, B.S., D.Sc.; ICU, L.H.D.
Daishiro Hidaka (deceased) Professor of Philosophy of Education, 1952-1966; Vice President for Student Affairs, 1962-1966 (d. December 14, 1977) Kyoto, Litt.B.; ICU, L.H.D.
Gunzo Kojima (deceased) Professor of Philosophy of Education, 1953-1966, 1970-1972 (d. August 30, 1980) Tokyo, B.Litt., D.Litt.
Mitoji Nishimoto (deceased) Professor of Audio-Visual Education, 1953-1967 (d. January 9, 1988) Columbia, B.A., M.A.; Tokyo, D.Ed.
Kenichi Ouchi (deceased) Professor of Chemistry, 1955-1978 Tokyo Institute of Technology, B.Eng.; Tohoku, D.Eng.
Nobushige Ukai (deceased) Professor of Political Science, 1953-1967; ICU President, 1961-1967 (d. May 10, 1987) Tokyo, LL.B., LL.D.; Ursinus, L.H.D.; ICU, L.H.D.
Masao Hisatake (deceased) Professor of Economic Theory, 1964-1974 (d. October 8, 2003); ICU President 1967-1969; Hitotsubashi, B.Com., D.Econ.; ICU, L.H.D.
Hideyasu Nakagawa (deceased) Professor of Philosophy of Education, 1971-1983 (d. April 26, 2009); ICU President 1975-1983; Tohoku, B.A., D.Litt.; Yale Div. School, B.D., Ph.D.; ICU, L.H.D.
Seigo Nakajima Professor of Business Administration & Accounting, 1964-1984 Tokyo Univ. of Commerce and Economics, B.A.; Pennsylvania, M.B .A. Hitotsubashi, D.Com.
Kiyoko Cho Professor of Intellectual History, 1954-1988 Olivet, B.A.; Tokyo, Litt.D.; ICU, L.H.D.
Tomoji Ichinose (deceased) Professor of Public Administration & Public Enterprise, 1963-1988 Tokyo, LL.B., D.Econ.
Haruo Tsuru (deceased) Professor of Counseling & Guidance, 1953-1989 Tokyo, B.Agr.; Illinois, M.S.; Columbia, M.A., Ed.D.; ICU, L.H.D.
Donald C. Worth (deceased) Professor of Physics, 1954-1989 (d. July 28, 2007); Carnegie Institute of Technology, B.S.; Yale, M.S., Ph.D.; ICU, L.H.D.
Akira Hoshino (deceased) Professor of Personality & Social Psychology, 1957-1990 Tokyo, Litt.B.
Richard Linde (deceased) Professor of English, 1959- 1990 (d. February 16, 1994) Bucknell, B.S.; Michigan, M.A.; American U., Ph.D.
Mitsuko Saito (deceased) Professor of Communication, 1957-1992 (d. February 29, 2004) Tokyo Woman's Christian College; Northwestern University, M.A., Ph.D.
Kazuie Sanuki (deceased) Professor of Philosophy of Education, 1954-1992(d. December 29, 2008); Tokyo, Litt.B.; Harvard, M. Ed.
J. Edward Kidder, Jr. Professor of Art and Archaeology, 1956-1993 Maryville, B.A., Litt.D.; New York, M.A., Ph.D.; ICU, L.H.D.
Yasuo Watanabe (deceased) Professor of Public Administraion 1966-1992 (d. January 30,1992) ICU President, 1984-1992 Tokyo,LL.B.
Taro Shoji Professor of Biology, 1958-1994 Tokyo U. of Agr. & Tech., B.Agr.; Hokkaido, D.Sc.
Kazuo Hara Professor of Psychology, 1961-1994 San Jose State, B.A., M.A.; Stanford, Ph.D.
Kiyotaka Aoyagi Professor of Social Anthropology, 1970-1996 Tokyo Metropolitan, B.A., M.A.; Fisk, M.A.; Tokyo Metropolitan, Litt.D.
Benjamin C. Duke Professor of Comparative & International Education, 1959-1996 Bloomsburg, B.S.; Pennsylvania State, M.S., Ph.D.; London, Ph.D.
Eichi Kobayashi
Professor of English, 1961-1996 (d. June 20,2013) Shinshu, B.Ed.; Michigan, M.A., Ed.D.
Akira Miyake (deceased) Professor of Physics, 1961-1996 (d. November 7, 2008) Tokyo, B.S.; Hokkaido, D.Sc.
Yasuo Furuya Professor of Religion & Theology, 1959-1997; San Francisco Theological Seminary, B.D.; Princeton, Th.D.
Tsuneo Nakauchi (deceased) Professor of Economics, 1961-1997 (d. April 24, 2012) Hitotsubashi, B.Com., M.Econ.
Fumio Tanaka (deceased) Professor of Art, 1966-1997 (d. July 25, 2011) Chiba, B.Tech.; S.U.N.Y., New Paltz, M.S.
Fumiko Koide (deceased) Professor of Japanese, 1953-1987 (d. March 1, 2002) Tokyo Woman's Christian; Michigan, M.A.
Setsuko Mizoguchi Professor of English, 1962-1995; Tokyo Womanユs Christian, Litt.B.; ICU, M.A.; Edinburgh, M.S.
Yoshio Niwa Professor of Physical Education, 1960-1998; Nihon C. of Physical Ed., B.P.E.; Michigan State, M.A.
Motoko Yoshioka Professor of English, 1972-1998; Hiroshima Jogakuin, B.A.; ICU, M.A.
Mitsuo Ishikawa Professor of Physics, 1959-1999; Hokkaido, B.S., M.S., D.Sc.
Toshio Yamaguchi Professor of Biology, 1968-1999; Hokkaido, B.S., M.S., D.Sc.
Minoru Kasai Professor of History, 1967 - 2000 ICU, B.A., Banaras Hindu, M.A., Ph.D.
Kunio Oguchi Professor of Mathematics, 1962 - 2000 Tokyo, B.S., M.S., D.Sc.
Masayuki Katsumi Professor of Biology, 1964 - 2000 Kyoto, B.S., M.S.; California, Los Angeles, Ph.D.
Shigenari Kawashima Professor of Classics, 1969 - 2000 ICU, B.A.; Amherst, B.A.; Tokyo, M.A.
Kazuaki Saito (deceased) Professor of English & American Literature, 1966 - 2000 (d. June 21, 2008) ICU, B.A., M.A.
Sugao Ishimoto (deceased) Professor of Educational Technology, 1972 - 2000 (d. November 26, 2000) Seinan-Gakuin, B.A.; ICU, M.A.; Indiana, Ed.D.
Masako Murakami Professor of Economics, 1976 - 2001 Tokyo Woman's Christian, B.A.; Hitotsubashi, M.Econ., D.Econ.
Kimi Hara Professor of Educational Sociology, 1957 - 1981 Tsuda; Chicago, M.A.; Michigan State, Ph.D.
Terumi Nakano Professor of Educational Technology & Audio-Visual Education, 1959-2002 Kyoto, B.A., M.A.; Indiana, Ed.D.
Randolph H. Thrasher Professor of English, 1980-2002 Duke, B.A.; Michigan, M.A., Ph.D.
Yoshihiro Akutsu (deceased) Professor of Educational Communication & Audio Visual Education, 1969 - 2003 (d. March 12, 2006) ICU, B.A., M.A.; Michigan State, Ph.D.
Masao Okano Professor of Philosophy, 1968 - 2003 ICU, B.A.; Kyoto, M.A., Litt.D.
Shigeru Ishiwata Professor of Economics, 1979 - 2004 ICU, B.A.; Hitotsubashi, M.Econ., D.Econ.
Masakata Kanazawa Professor of Music, 1982 - 2004 ICU, B.A.; Harvard, M.A., Ph.D.
Masakichi Kinukawa Professor of Mathematics, 1958 - 1997 Tokyo Metropolitan, B.S., M.S.; Northwestern, Ph.D.
Norikatsu Sasagawa Professor of Political Science, 1986 - 2005 Hokkaido, B.A., M.A., LL.D.
Koichi Namiki Professor of Religion, 1968 - 2006 ICU, B.A.; Tokyo U. of Ed., M.A.
Koichi Niitsu (deceased) Professor of Sociology, 1979 - 2006 (d. Oct 9, 2010) Rikkyo, B.A., M.A.
Hiromoto Doi Professor of Business Administration, 1990-2007 Keio, B.E., M.B.A
Gerhard Schepers Professor of German Literature, 1974-2007 Munster, staatsexamen( Theol.),Th.D.
Mamoru Shimizu (deceased) Professor of English Philology and English Literature, 1956-1974 Tokyo, Litt.B.
Youichiro Murakami Professor of History & Philosophy of Science, 1995 - 2008, Tokyo, B.A., M.A.
Masayoshi Hirose Professor of Japanese Linguistics, 1978-2009, ICU, B.A.; California, Berkeley, Ph.D.
Yoshiomi Kato Professor of Biology, 1975-2009, Tokyo U. of Agr. & Tech., B.Agr.; Kyoto, M.S.,
Akira Tachikawa Professor of History of Education, 1978-2009, ICU, B.A., M.A.; Wisconsin Madison, ph.D.
Atsushi Tanaka Professor of Philosophy, 1974-2009, ICU, B.A.; Kyoto, M.A.
Teruo Yoshino Professor of Chemistry, 1975-2010, Saitama, B.S.; Tokyo Inst. of Tech., M.S., D.Sc.
Haruko Kazama Professor of Biology, 1969-2011, ICU, B.A., Osaka City University, D.Sc.
Kazuo Kitahara Professor of Physics, 1998-2011, Tokyo, B.S., M.S.; Université Libre de Bruxelles, Ph.D.S.
Yoko Kuriyama Professor of Psychology, 1978-2012, Tokyo W, B.A.; Tokyo U, M.A., Ph.D.
David W. Rackham Professor of Psychology & Enviromental Studies, 1984-2012, Dalhousie, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.
Nobuyuki Matsuoka Professor of Psysical Education, 1978-2012, Tokyo U. of Ed. B.A.
Toshiki Mogami Professor of Law, Public Policy, & Peace Studies, 1980-2011 Tokyo U, LL.B., LL.M., LL.D.
Norihiko Suzuki Professor of Economics & Business, 1990-2012, Hitotsubashi, B.Ec, M.Ec.; Indiana, MBA., DBA.
Akira Aoi Professor of Linguistics, 1979-2013, Sophia University, B.A., M.A.; Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7, Ph.D.
Hidefumi Kotani Professor of Psychology, 1986-2013, Hiroshima University, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Takeshi Nagata Professor of Philosophy and Religion, 1980-2013, Tokyo Christian University, B.A.; Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary M.A.; Princeton Theological Seminary M.A., Ph.D.
Grant R. POGOSYAN Professor of Information Science, 1991-2016, Moscow State University, B.A.; U.S.S.R.Academy of Sci., Ph.D.
Robert W. RIDGE Professor of Biology, 1993-2016, University of Western Australia, B.A.; Australian National University, Ph.D.
M.William STEELE Professor of History, 1981-2016, University of California, B.A.; Harvard University, Ph.D.

Donald F. and Mildred Topp Othmer Distinguished Professor of Science

Youichiro Murakami Professor of History & Philosophy of Science, Tokyo University, B.A., M.A.
Kazuo Kitahara Professor of Physics, Tokyo University, B.S., M.S.; Université Libre de Bruxelles, Ph.D.S.
Hiroshi Kouchi Professor of biology, Tokyo University, Ph.D.