Note to Journalists/Reporters

Note to Journalists/Reporters

To arrange an interview or photo/video coverage of ICU, please follow the procedures described below. If you wish to expedite the procedures (in the case where, for example, you need to have a telephone interview with a faculty), you are kindly requested to contact us by telephone.

  1. Prepare a written interview/coverage plan and then make a phone call or send an e-mail to the Public Relations Office.
  2. If you are interested in covering an event, fill out the attached "Coverage Application Form" and send it by e-mail or FAX.

Click here to download the interview coverage application form excel.png


  1. Please be advised that it may take us some time to respond to your request depending on the subject matter.
  2. We are unable to accept any requests that are not directly related to ICU, including requests for shooting, using locations within ICU campus, conducting surveys and investigations, and introducing students and faculty members.
  3. We kindly ask that those wishing to take photos, videos, and other kinds of recordings within ICU's premises or to have an interview with students must provide a prior notice to ICU for approval.
  4. We do not respond to any inquiries regarding personal information.
  5. Those who have sent the Application Form through FAX, please a phone call to us for confirmation of the receipt thereof.
  6. We prohibit using any data, photos, images, or other materials obtained or generated through interviews or photo/video shoots for unauthorized purposes.
  7. A copy of publication mediums that contain relevant articles or materials must be submitted to ICU after the publication.

Contact and address to forward the Coverage Application Form:

Public Relations Office, International Christian University
FAX: 0422-33-3355
TEL: 0422-33-3040