Related Organizations

Related Organizations

International Christian University High School

International Christian University High School opened in 1978 as an institution primarily geared toward educating returnee students. Located just to the north of the ICU campus, ICU High School aims to cultivate compassionate human resources who respect human rights in the spirit of Christ's teachings. At the core of ICU High School's educational policy is a commitment to uniting returnee students who have experienced life in different cultures and students who were raised in Japan in a mutually beneficial learning environment and working to nurture the unique identity of each and every student.

ICU High School has several distinctive features. Returnee students comprise roughly two-thirds of the student body, for example, and the school also emphasizes small-group education in a level-based class curriculum. Many classes at ICU High School eschew conventional boundaries to create a more open environment where students can ask questions freely and learn with enthusiasm. ICU High School students tend to demonstrate a strong motivation to continue their schooling, with nearly all students moving on to universities after graduation. ICU also accepts deserving students who have received recommendations from ICU High School.

Japan ICU Foundation (JICUF)

The mission of the Japan ICU Foundation is to work with ICU in its efforts to be an exemplary liberal arts university by further strengthening its international and Christian dimensions, focusing primarily on the following areas.

International Christian University Alumni Association

The International Christian University (ICU) Alumni Association consists of approximately 25,000 graduates of ICU undergraduate or graduate programs, with 11 chapters in Japan and 18 chapters in cities abroad. ICU students are associate members of the Alumni Association while enrolled at the university and then become full members upon graduating.
In addition to holding general meetings, study sessions, and get-togethers and actively promoting friendly, informative interaction among members through its website and publications, the Alumni Association also supports activities and scholarships for current students by organizing "Dream Competitions," job-seeking consultation sessions, and more. The ICU Alumni Association President also sits on the University Board of Trustees, while members have occasional meetings with the university; this involvement allows the Alumni Association to maintain strong connections with ICU and contribute to the development of the university through fundraising and other initiatives.
All Alumni Association activities are funded by membership fees and donations. Association operations are conducted via monthly meetings of the Association Board of Trustees, which includes the President, Vice President, and up to 30 other Trustees selected from Association membership every two years, and biannual meetings of the Council, which comprises Councilors representing each class of alumni. The Alumni Association Office and Lounge are located on the second floor of the Alumni House on the ICU campus.

International Christian University Church

International Christian University Church (ICU Church) is an ecumenical church that serves Christians of all denominations, welcoming university faculty members, university students, graduates, and local residents for Sunday services in both Japanese and English. Sermons, given in either English or Japanese, are translated on the spot and broadcast to onsite headsets, making it possible for speakers of either language to understand the presider's words. Church groups and activities include a choir, Sunday School program (for kindergarten through high school), university student association, and Bible study program, and others. Chapel members also use their time, talents, and gifts to assist with services, music, education, evangelism, welfare activities, communion, and more.

ICU Service Co., Ltd.

ICU Service Co., Ltd., which was established on July 1, 2010, is a wholly owned subsidiary of School Juridical Person International Christian University (ICU). The company was founded to support the educational and research activities of ICU and ICU High School and help expand the range of services available to the student community. The company's main activities range from overseeing purchasing and procurement, housing arrangements, insurance matters, and vending machine management to providing support services for weddings, receptions, and other gatherings held on campus.